In the heart of a pleasant small village in the Valley of Barétous

Imagine a land, as green as a rainforest, abundant, lush and cool in the springtime.
Not far from almost vertical slopes facing each other and connected  by valleys shaped by glaciers long ago and cut by rivers just yesterday.
And there you are, having the opportunity to be the witness of one of nature’s talents to draw a beautiful landscape,  painted in green.
So,just stand, open your eyes and breath the splendor of this environment.
Once upon a time there was a village in a valley called Barétous, in the South-West department of France, Atlantic Pyrenees. In this small village there is an old cottage, which has been restored and liberated from its long hibernation to welcome you, for either a short or long stay.Live a totally new esperience,share the life of the people of the moutains, this what we offer you.
 The house is equipped with all the commodities you need for such a stay within and without. The distribution of the house with spacious rooms equipped with individual bathrooms and the common areas including dining room and the salon, will facilitate both to enjoy freedom and to have the feeling of community during the meals or by carrying out indoor activities, such as games or simply having a nice afternoon tea in front of a typical Bearnese chimney.
If you want to enjoy the fresh and clean mountain air, you wont´t have to go far either. You will find on our terrace an ideal space to lie down and let yourself fall into an afternoon nap or emerge into your favourite book.

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